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Hole Cleaning

Steel hole cleaning brushes

Item Hole
HC8 8 9 120
HC10 10 11 120
HC12 12 13 150
HC14 14 16 250
HC16 16/18 20 250
HC20 20/22 25 180
HC24 24 26 300
HC25 25 27 300
HC28 28 30 350
HC30 30/32/35 40 400
HC40 40* 42 170
HC45 45* 47 170
HC55 55* 58 170
HCEXT420 420mm Brush extension (for use with all brush sizes)
HCEXT90SDS 90mm SDS adapter (*to be used with hole diameters 40mm and over)


Blow out pump

Manual blow out pump with 230mm hose

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  • Hole cleaning instructions

When using injection resins it is essential to follow the correct hole cleaning procedure :

1. Drill hole in the substrate to the required embedment depth using the appropriate size drill bit.

2. A blow out pump must be used for blowing out drilled holes up to diameters < 24mm and embedment depths up to 10x drilled hole diameters. Blow out at least 4 times from the back of the drilled hole, using an extension if needed.

3. Brush 4 times with the specified brush size by inserting the steel brush to the back of the hole (if needed with an extension) in a twisting motion and remove the debris.

4. Blow out again with pump at least 4 times.

Follow links below for complete resin installation instructions:

PRO V200 injection resin installation instructions

PRO V500 injection resin installation instructions


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