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Fischer FAZ II Bolt Anchor

This Fischer power anchor is designed for highest demands. Powerful and flexible.

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Fischer FH II High Performance Anchor

This Fischer push-through anchor is perfect for fixings with sophisticated design in cracked concrete.

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Fischer FBN II Bolt anchor

This Fischer bolt anchor is the ideal choice for a cost-efficient fixing for flexible use in non-cracked concrete.

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A cost efficient Fischer throughbolt fixing with ETA approval for non- cracked concrete.

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Fischer SXR Frame Fixing

The all-round mechanical fixing from Fischer with short drill hole depth.

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Fischer FIS V Injection Mortar

The versatile injection mortar system from Fischer. Ideal for anchoring into masonry and cracked concrete.

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Fischer FBS Concrete screw

A high performance concrete screw from Fischer with European Technical Approval.

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DHK Insulation support

The cost effective plastic insulation support for all conventional insulating boards.

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DHM Insulation support

The fire-protection tested metal insulation support for fire-resistant insulation boards

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Proventure are a Fischer premium distributor stocking a range of high performance Fischer fixings and anchors.

We offer an extensive range of Fischer expansion anchors in carbon steel and stainless steel.


Fischer mechanical anchors are approved for cracked concrete, uncracked concrete and seismic loads.


Fischer fixings and anchors for every requirement

Our range includes Fischer bolt anchors, through bolt anchors, expansion anchors, wedge anchors and other Fischer mechanical fixings.


"The quality of your products and your support has been fantastic. Many thanks"

Site Manager, BAM construction