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High visibility grating fastener installation at Scottish Water - Before and After

Before and After

Traditional fastener discs are difficult to see once fitted and can cause a trip hazard. Significant problems have also occurred when discs have been removed but not replaced, leading to the movement of grating panels.

High visibility GRATFG-HV grating fasteners have been used at a Scottish Water site to replace existing fasteners. GRATFG-HV fastener discs are galvanised and powder coated RAL 1016 for high visibility. It is immediately obvious if a disc has been removed or needs tightening. 

Scottish Water Installation

Proventure supply galvanised and galvanised powder coated discs suitable for any depth of grating. Both discs are salt spray tested to 720 hours without the appearance of red rust meaning they are suitable for outdoor and corrosive environments. An M8 galvanised shot fired stud to suit is also available.

The galvanised powder coated disc RAL 1016 provides high visibility significantly reducing trip hazards or problems with disc removal. More and more clients are specifying powder coated discs for new applications and to replace existing discs.

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