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WRAS Approved Injection Resin

PRO V500 and PRO V200 injection resins have recently been awarded WRAS product approval for use in potable water. The approval demonstrates full compliance with the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.

PRO V500 and PRO V200 injection resins are now accepted as compliant by every water supplier in the UK.

Proventure Solutions have recently secured a number of contracts to supply PRO V200 and PRO V500, WRAS Approved, injection resin to water treatment works throughout the UK.

The most recent example is the supply of PRO V200 injection resin to a United Utilities site in Cheshire. The contractor had an urgent requirement, as the specified resin, by the UK’s leading brand, was found to no longer hold WRAS Approval.


WRAS Approved PRO V500 and PRO V200 are high strength, quick curing injection resins, with European Technical Approvals option 1 and 7, for use in cracked and non cracked concrete and for post installed rebars.