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PRO V Asphalt Anchors used at Newcastle airport



Proventure have recently supplied 700no M10x100mm PRO V asphalt anchors and PRO V200 injection resin, for the installation of conveyor equipment at Newcastle Airport.

The contractor has installed 50% of the anchors in phase 1 and is due to start phase 2 installation shortly.

To confirm suitability, the contractor performed pull out testing on 12no anchors, testing to 5kN (the specification for the conveyor equipment was 3kN). All 12no anchors held at 5kN.

Typically, much higher loads are achieved with the PRO V asphalt anchor and PRO V200 injection resin. Recent tests have shown typical loads between 11-15kN.


It has recently been used with great success to fix raking struts for HERAS panels at Edinburgh airport.