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Lynemouth biomass power plant

In January 2018, work began in Northumberland to convert the 44-year-old coal fired Lynemouth Power Station to a new biomass fuelled power plant, to support the UK government’s climate change targets.

The steelwork contractor was looking for a cost effective alternative to the Hilti injection resins and V anchor rods they usually use and contacted Proventure to assist in the specification of the resin anchors required to secure the temporary bases, support towers and hopper build up frames.

The anchors were required to work in shear and tension with loads up to 70kN per support tower.

Proventure proposed PRO V200 injection resin and M20x260mm V anchor rods, as an alternative to Hilti HY200 and Hilti V anchor rods. Once the technical data was confirmed, the client placed a call off order for the resin and rods over a nine month period.

The client saved around 35% on the costs of the Hilti equivalents.

Following the success of the Proventure products and the significant cost savings, the client has continued to use Proventure injection resins and V rods on other projects.