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London client finds HILTI alternative injection resin

Proventure products have a firm reputation as cost effective alternatives to Hilti equivalents, with no reduction in performance.

The latest to benefit is a London client working on a prestigious city centre development.

The project involves the installation of thousands of M16 structural rebars at 450mm embedment, with Hilti RE500 injection resin specified.

Proventure proposed PRO V500 injection resin, an ultimate performance pure epoxy resin for high loads and rebar connections. Once the design engineers had assessed and approved the technical performance, the client conducted on-site tests of PRO V500 and Hilti HIT-RE 500.

The client installed three M16 structural rebars with PRO V500 and three with Hilti HIT-RE 500 as per above image. They tested all six anchors and all held to the maximum capability of the test equipment, 200kN (approximately 20 tons).

As a result, the client approved PRO V500 resin to secure the structural rebars on site, overturning the original Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 specification. This translates to significant cost savings for the client of more than £30,000.

PRO V500 has European Technical Approval Option 1 and Option 7 with CE certification and is suitable in dry, wet, water filled and submerged holes. Unlike Hilti HIT-RE 500, it has WRAS approval, for use in potable water.

PRO V500 is a proven cost effective alternative to Hilti HIT-RE 500 that typically saves customers 35%.

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