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Kirkcaldy Sea Wall

The £9m Kirkcaldy Sea Wall improvement project involved the refurbishment and heightening of the existing sea wall to reduce coastal flooding on the promenade, with additional works to improve access to the beach.

The existing sea wall was raised by anchoring almost 1.5km of 14 tonne precast concrete units along the length of the promenade.

The client contacted Proventure seeking an alternative to the specified anchor, Hilti HY200 injection resin. Proventure proposed PRO V200 injection resin, a cost effective proven alternative to HY200 and worked with the client to secure its approval including the use of PRO CALC design software.

3,600no M30 galvanised Proventure V anchor rods were installed at an embedment depth of 450mm, with a cartridge of PRO V200 resin used for each anchor.

Using PRO V200 resin and Proventure V anchor rods saved the client more than £20,000.