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Bristol MetroBus System

Threaded insert saves money on Hilti alternative

In 2017, work began on the Bristol MetroBus System. A joint project between Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire councils, MetroBus which aims to fill in the gaps between rail and existing bus services.

MetroBus works like a tram with tyres, useing traditional bus lanes and new guided busways. It is a £200 million scheme that is part of a package of transport improvements in the West of England.

Contractors Balfour Beatty contacted us in August 2017. They had a specification for Hilti M20 internally threaded inserts and Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 injection resin and were looking to make savings on the cost of the Hilti specifications.

We supplied technical data on PROV500 injection resin – an alternative to Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 – and our M20 internally threaded insert socket.

Our internally threaded insert socket is a load bearing, chemically bonded anchor suitable for use in C20/25 to C50/C60 cracked and non-cracked concrete in combination with PROV500 and PROV200 injection resins. It is designed to provide safe solutions in structural anchoring applications.

The project design team quickly approved the data and Proventure supplied Balfour Beatty throughout the project with 850 M20 insert sockets and 250 cartridges of PROV500 resin.

PROV500 is a high strength pure epoxy injection resin suitable for post installed rebar and structural connections European Technical Approval Option 1 and Option 7, CE certification and WRAS approval. It’s a proven alternative to Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 with users typically saving 35% against the Hilti alternative.

In this instance, Balfour Beatty indicated that they saved more than 40% on the Hilti specification. That’s at least £5,500 with no loss of performance.

With WRAS approved ProVenture resins, the A4-316 stainless version of the insert socket can be used in potable and underwater environments.