PVPMNI Insulation Fixing with Metal Nail

Insulation fixing, metal nail with European technical approval. Consists of expansion plug with 60mm diameter special head. Suitable for thicknesses up to 270mm.

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  • European technical approval according to ETAG 014
  • Fixing system consisting of expansion plug with retaining disc
  • Head Ø 60mm and expansion nail with special head
  • Special head type prevents unnecessary leakage of heat and offers additional corrosion protection
  • The special disc profile allows optimum adhesion of plaster
  • Suitable for insulation thicknesses up to 270 mm
  • Shock resistant material
  • Through fixing
  • Pressure resistant insulating materials
  • Soft insulating materials  when used in combination with PVPD insulation disc
  • Thermal insulation composite systems with rendering