PRO V Asphalt Anchor / Tarmac Anchor

The PRO V Asphalt Anchor is a high strength, internally threaded tarmac fixing designed for asphalt, tarmac, concrete and solid substrates.

The Asphalt Anchor is suitable for temporary or permanent fixings including fencing, parking posts, traffic calming measures, bollards, railings and signs. It does not impart stress forces to the substrate during installation, resulting in a highly durable fixing. Performance tension loads up to 18kN.

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  • VERSATILE – Fix securely into asphalt, tarmac and other base materials
  • STRENGTH – High performance loads up to 18kN in recent tests
  • REUSE – Fixture can be removed and replaced
  • FLEXIBLE – Sizes to suit various applications
  • RESILIENCE – High chemical and water resistance
  • INSTALLATION – No expansion stress in the base material
  • SPEED – Smaller holes when compared to traditional fixings
  • Fencing
  • Parking barriers
  • Bollards
  • Speed bumps
  • Parking protection
  • Shelters
  • Edge protection
  • Playgrounds
  • Road signs