Rapid-curing, styrene-free resin anchor

PRO V PLUS injection resin is a cost-effective alternative to Hilti MM PLUS resin. It’s suited to a wide range of medium-load applications, including hollow block and brick, masonry and non-cracked concrete.

ETA-approved, PRO V PLUS is a rapid-curing, styrene-free and virtually odourless injection resin. It’s also suited for close-to-the-edge and corrosive conditions.

PRO V PLUS saves Environment Agency 30%

A flood-defence scheme in Yorkshire was initially looking to use Hilti MM PLUS injection resin on its dowel bars. But a switch to Proventure’s PRO V PLUS saved the engineering contractor a cool 30% on the project.

The civil-engineering contractor and the Environment Agency worked with Proventure on the flood-defence scheme along a 1.1km section of river in Yorkshire. The project included upgrading the existing flood defences, retaining walls and culverts located along the length.

The work involved connecting to new and existing reinforced concrete walls. The original specification for the dowel bars was Hilti MM PLUS, but this proved to be too much for the budget. The contractor searched for alternatives and settled on PRO V PLUS.

The contractor installed hundreds of M16 and M20 dowel bars with PRO V PLUS over the six-month contract. Proventure also supplied resin anchor accessories on the project, including internally threaded insert sockets and V anchor rods.

Want to know more about using Proventure PRO V Plus as an alternative to Hilti MM PLUS? Call us today on 01704 897015.

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  • Features and Benefits
  • Applications
  • Technical Data
  • European Technical Approval (option 7)
  • CE approval
  • Suitable for use in dry and wet concrete
  • Close edge distances and spacing
  • Can be used in corrosive environments
  • Suitable for use in masonry with perforated sleeves
  • Non structural fixings
  • Light metal structures
  • Floor reinforcement
  • Construction joints