PRO V Perforated Sleeve

Perforated sleeve for use with PRO V200 and PRO V PLUS resins in hollow base materials and masonry – can be used in conjunction with anchor rods and sockets.

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resin_sleeve_02Demonstration of chemical anchoring in hollow brick using PRO V2OO and resin sleeve.



Sleeve diameter (mm)Sleeve length (mm)Hole diameter (mm)for stud size
1585 (nylon)16M8, M10, M12
15130 (nylon)16M8, M10, M12
2085 (nylon)22M16
8.71000 (metal)12M8
12.51000 (metal)16M10, M12
18.01000 (metal)22M16
22.01000 (metal)26M20