PRO V500 saves contractors 35% on M60

PRO V500 saves contractors 35% on M60If you’ve travelled on the M60 recently, you’ll have noticed plenty of work going on. Contractors are currently upgrading 56 overhead gantries between junctions 8 and 20. It’s all part of the smart-motorway scheme, aimed at relieving congestion by making the hard shoulder available for occasional use.

The design consultants initially specified Hilti RE500 injection resin and Hilti V anchor rods to secure flange-mounted lighting-column brackets to the concrete bridge parapets. However, contractors Balfour Beatty and Carillion were keen to save money without sacrificing quality.

They opted for Proventure’s PRO V500 injection resin and PRO V M24x480mm A4-316 V anchor rods. The contractors evaluated PRO V500 under the Materials Approval Register for Highways England, a notoriously tough standard to meet, and examined the technical performance data and relevant European approvals.

The lighting-column brackets have a working life of 25 years. PRO V500 resin has a working life of 50 years.

Forty per cent of the installed anchors had to be tested to a tension load of 30kN. All anchors tested held at 30kN.

Balfour Beatty and Carillion have saved 35% using PRO V500 injection resin and PRO V anchor rods against Hilti RE500 and Hilti V anchor rods. That’s a saving of around £5,000.

The contractors have also used PRO V500 resin extensively for post-installed rebar connections, hand-railing with galvanised V anchor rods and signage.

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